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Tibetan Animal Lovers(TAL) is registered as a non-governmental and non-profitable organization. It is registered under Uttaranchal Trust Act 1882 (Regd. Under Indian Trust Act 1882 No. IV – 414-17). TAL is managed and run by a group of young Tibetan activists determined to make a differences and aimed to Rescue and Rehabilitate of Stray and Abandoned dogs in Tibetan Settlement like Dekyiling, Clementown, Mussoorie, Rajpur, Lhakhanawala, Sampheling (Delhi), PoantaSahib, Phuruwala, Mandowala and Tsering Dhundenling and Chandamuing settlement.

Animals & Birds form an important part of the eco system. Like us, they need space, food and clean water. However in our pursuit of success, we often forget that we share our space with millions of other creatures who due to our negligence they are left starving and diseased,injured with little or no way of fending for themselves. At Tibetan Animal Lovers, we believe that all creatures have the right to a sanitised environment, good food and clean water. We aim to reach out to the animals & birds we find diseased and starving on our streets and provide them with food, correct medical care and a loving home. We also aim on educating the peolpe masses on animal welfare & behaviour to provide a brighter future to Human Beings, Animals & Birds alike.


We Have A Strong Mission

We want to be the voice of the injured animals and the homeless strays. The main aim is to provide serve the medical facilities to the animals who are left to die or who have been abused by the humans.

  • To conduct To organize Treatment and disease prevention camps for community as well as owned animals.
  • Animal birth control, Vaccination and anti rabies programme and To rescue performing animals
  • To promote vegetarianism and veganism.
  • To find new home for abandoned dog and community animals.
  • To set up vetenarian hospital and recovery center for puppies and shelters for disable community animals.
  • To print,publish and distribute book brochures ,booklets etc for creating awareness for animal right.
  • To work for the protection of environment and society at large.

A humane world where all beings are treated with compassion and respect and the environment is nurtured.

Mission is to sow the seeds of empathy for people, compassion for animals and care for the environment in the hearts of children, so as to prevent cruelty to all living beings.


Areas of Focus

Our programs fall under three areas of focus, including Humane Education, Community Outreach and Animal Helpline. The ultimate goal of each of our programs is to prevent cruelty towards animals, by building awareness among children, youth and adults that animals are sentient beings. These focused initiatives also lead to a clear understanding among children that animals are part of the same environment that we share, and that we are all inter-dependent. Our programs also makes it clear that for our own survival and well-being, it is important for us humans to play the role of a protector and defender of all that has been created by nature on this wonderful planet that we call home.

Humane Education

Sowing seeds of Compassion in young people.

Community Outreach

Breaking the cycle of violence by creating awareness.

Animal Helpline

Rescue coordination of distressed animals and counseling for compassion towards animals.


Feeding Food

This initiative has been set up in order to help the many unwanted and starving strays in our settlement. These animals have no one and depend on the goodness of the community members for the handouts of food. This is not by any means a solution to this overwhelming problem. We realize it is a band aid on a gaping wound but it is all that some of them will ever get. Until there is a better solution for these strays we will help when able. Filling an empty belly of a starving dog/cat for even a single meal is a small comfort we know, but at least for that one day they were not hungry.

Tibetan Animal lovers visits the animal shelter to feed the animal occasionally. And during auspicious days like Losar(new year),Thungkar(HH Dalai lama Birthday),fulmoon day and especially on Saka Dawa.the TAL member feed the animal for 30 days by visiting the animal shelter in different place,

Saka Dawa is the holiest day in the Tibetan culture and the most sacred Buddhist holiday.  Traditionally held on the full moon day (15th Lunar Day) of the 4th Lunar month of the Tibetan Calendar, it was celebrated this year on May 25.

The day is significant as the celebration of three great events in the life of Shakyamuni Buddha: his birth in Lumbini; his enlightenment during a full moon night in Bodhgaya; and his parinirvana (death) in the city of Kushinagar. The name ‘Saka Dawa’ comes from ‘Dawa’ meaning month in Tibetan, and ‘Saka’ which is the name of the star which is closest to Earth, and thus most prominent, at this time of the year, and one of the 28 major stars used in Tibetan astrology calculations.

Tibetan Buddhists, be it monks, nuns, or the general Tibetan population inside Tibet and in exile all over the world took a day off from work to perform purifications and activities to accumulate merit. As it is believed that the merit of any good deed that one performs this month is multiplied as much as one hundred million times, followers make a point of offering donations and money to the needy, praying and reciting mantras, refraining from eating meat, making prostrations, lighting butter lamps, releasing animal into freedom and also circumambulating around stupas and other holy places. Saka Dawa is known as the ‘vegetarian month’ by many today.

Saka Dawa is celebrated with a special early morning puja led by monks at the monastery. Traditionally everyone gathers to make a promise to follow the ten Tibetan Buddhist virtues, by promising to avoid, and to practice the opposite of: killing and harming others; stealing; sexual contact; lying; slandering; saying painful words; talking uselessly; having bad thoughts and being involved in wrong beliefs. People spend the day reciting the six syllable mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum, and making prostrations in order to show their respect to lord Buddh.

Rescuing Street Dogs

Tibetan Animal Lovers has been working in Dheradun  on the north India to reduce the suffering of the stray dog population for since from 2007. Unregulated breeding has resulted in large numbers of sick and starving dogs and puppies on the streets . Our team have implemented a sterilization programme with help of Raahat vet hospital at dehardun, which has dramatically reduced the number of strays, resulting in healthier, happier dogs. Sterilisation also stops male dogs fighting over females and suffering wounds that quickly become infected and infested with maggots if left untreated.

A vital part of our work is the education of local communities to dispel their fear of being attacked by a dog or catching a disease. Often fear can lead people to persecute animals.As well as teaching greater tolerance and understanding of dogs we also encourage people to adopt them as pets. Rehoming is an important part of the project: the more dogs we can rehome, the fewer strays there will be on the streets. The dogs themselves are the project’s best ambassadors. They reward their new owners with loyalty and affection, bringing comfort and joy into their lives.


Animal Health Check up and Disease Prevention Camp

This Organization has been started to vaccinate the stray dog and animals from 2015. And the Checkup,vaccination initiate around the month of March and April.

In 2015 to 2016 the (TAL) had vaccinated around 350 stray dogs along with Anti rabies and deworming tabs.

In 2017 the TAL had progressed and success in vaccinating 500 stray dogs and 2 cat along with anit rabies and deworming tabs.  The disease prevention camp and animal health checkup camp had occupied most of the Tibetan Settlement including Dekyiling,clement-town, lakhanwala, Rajpur, mussoorie and Sampheling(Delhi MT).The main aim is to make the animals free from the diseases and create a healthy environment.


The Water Bowl Project 2015 is an annual initiative conducted by The Tibetan Animal Lover to provide some comfort to homeless animals in this unforgiving summer. The lack of clean drinking water leads to dehydration and finally death of thousands of homeless animals and birds in our city. Here is a chance to help the animals and birds in your street in a small way.

During year 2015,to 2017, Tibetan animal lovers have distributed around 250 cement water bowls around and  in dekyiling,clementown and some indian colony outskirts.

The water bowl project, one of the major project of Tibetan Animal Lover, aims to provide cement water bowls during every summer to around dehardun residents who wish to quench the thirst of animals on the streets (Dogs, Cows & Buffalos, Birds etc.,) we whole heartedly thank our sponsors for making this project possible and  volunteers who worked their extra time to make the bowls ready and this project successful for another year. Water bowls will be back every year around march.



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